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Mining company Mineral

Mining company Mineral

Mining company Mineral

Mining company “Mineral” is an enterprise of the Ukrainian mining complex. It is well-known on the market of the ceramic and refractory raw materials for more than 76 years.

The enterprise runs mining Pologian layer of second kaolins, ceramic and refractory clays, smectite clay accompanied by quarrying of foundry and building sand. It is situated on the south of Ukraine in 100 km from Zaporozhie.

The enterprise has a convenient railway connection with Zaporozhie port (the Dnepr), Berdiansk and Mariupol (the Azov Sea). The form of possession is private.

The company employs 700 people. The mining of raw materials in central and western quarries is opencast. The average kaolin and clay layers capacity is 5-8 meters. The clays for ceramic industry possess unique properties, providing combination of high stability and plasticity with good clinkering and shrinking indices at baking.

Average annual volume of clay extraction amounts to 380,000 tons and sand does to 470,000 tons. Working hard, the enterprise carries out a production reconstruction introducing new mining technologies. Since 1998 a section of foundry blend has been put into operation.

The manufacturing of the extracted materials takes place there and that is why it became possible to arrange the output of the competitive kinds of products, such as êâàðöåâî-ãëèíèñòûå ôîðìîâî÷íûå ñìåñè, íàáèâíûå ìàññû, kaolin, smektite clay. It allowed to make a high surplus value of ultimate products.

An international quality control system has been introduced on the enterprise. In 2005 “Mineral” has achieved the Quality Certificate that testifies the correspondence of the quality control system to ISO 9001:2000 standards. The management and the whole industrial process have overcome the standardization and certification.

The newest measuring devices, including ðåíòãåíîôëþîðåñöåíòíûõ analyzers are applied to testing chemical raw materials and materials’ physical properties. The selection of raw stuff samples is carried out at all stages starting from bore exploratory holes, than while extracting, processing, transporting and till shipping to a consumer.

Since 1997 “Mineral” has exported high quality products to Italy, Spain, Turkey, Poland, Romania, Russia, Belarus, Latvia on FOB, DAF, FCA conditions due to Incoterms 2000. A variable pricing, an individual attention to consumers, trust relationships and rendering consultation services allows the enterprise to expand market opportunities and to invite new customers to cooperation.

Company managing is carried out by its owners. This circumstance allows reacting quickly on any partners’ requests.

Phone: +380 616 523 415

Zaporizhska oblast

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