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"NIBULON Ltd."is one of the biggest national agricultural commodity producers and national investor. For 18 years the Company has invested into the Ukrainian economy over 2,5 billion UAH, which enabled it to be the first among Ukrainian exporters. Four times, for the last four years, "NIBULON Ltd." takes the first places among Ukrainian grain exporters and was rewarded by the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine with Honour Diploma in the nomination “Grain Trader of the Year”. We have got over a great number of the obstacles and reached the world level, we could save the company’s face, having remain the major commodity producer and extended the activity in 10 regions of Ukraine.

33 branches are located in Mykolayiv, Lugans`k, Vinnytsya, Khmel`nyts`kyy, Poltava, Cherkasy, Sumy, Zhytomyr and Chernigiv regions. 25 thousand renters trusted us with over 70 thousand hectares of the farmland. Trying to justify the renter`s hopes, each branch aspires to be the first in its region. We apply all necessary efforts: purchase a new import farming machines, test the best domestic and foreign seed’s grades, agrotechnology constantly improves.

The philosophy of the company is to place own capacities direct to commodity producer, so we construct elevators in many regions of Ukraine, which are the pattern of technological progress and effective labour organization, showing, how profitably to grow agricultural production in these regions.

3.2 thousand of people work in the company, the average age of the company’s employees is 29. We communicate with 14 institutes of higher education. One of the factors of success is the renovation of the staff at the expense of young highly educated personnel, because we trust the youth and give them an opportunity for self-actualization and further development. "NIBULON Ltd." is the pattern of the social responsibility of the business, the purposeful programme is being realized. The company pays attention to re-equipment of the schools. It is purchased the newest equipment for hospitals, which allows to make a break into the treatment of many difficult diseases.

We will be glad for development of the new and tuned cooperation in sphere of the expansion of agricultural production, in mobilization of investment for elevator’s construction, and also processing, trading and agricultural production’s export.

Phone: +380 512 372 344

9th - B, Fàleyevska Street,
City Mykolaiv,,
Mykolaivska oblast

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