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National Centre of Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine

National Centre of Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine

National Centre of Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine

Relations of independent Ukraine with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization already have their own history. Since our state joined the North Atlantic Cooperation Council in 1991, these relations have been constantly developing.

For the last couple of years military-political and socio-economic situation in the world gained qualitatively new features and continues to change incessantly. Irreconcilability of the political, economic, ethnic, religious and other interests is enhanced by piling up and uncontrolled dissemination of weapons, R&T progress, that give a possibility to produce the high-technology weapons, in particular, weapons of mass destruction with the purpose of threatening and making use of it in military conflicts.

International terrorism, threat of carrying out wide-scale terrorist actions with the use of mass destruction weapons components rose before international society and every country the problem of implementing effective defensive policy as the component of the general national security.

Given these conditions the Euro-Atlantic integration course of Ukraine is the priority and meets its national interests. It is caused by the role, which NATO plays it supporting peace, stability and security, improving the general climate of trust and creation of the new international security system.

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