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National Gas Union of Ukraine

National Gas Union of Ukraine

National Gas Union of Ukraine

Natural Gas Production in Ukraine
Ukraine has long-standing traditions in the sphere of natural gas production and utilization. Its industrial production dates back to 1924, and in the 70-s of the 20-th century it achieved its maximum level in the history of Ukraine - 68.7 bln cubic meters. There are three oil-and-gas bearing regions on the territory of Ukraine: Carpathian (western), Dniper-Donetsk (eastern) and Black Sea - Crimean (southern) regions. In the southern region industrial gas production is carried out on the shelf of the Black and Azov seas as well. In 2005 the output totaled 19,2 bln cubic meters.

The natural gas is a priority energy resource, its share in energy balance of Ukraine lately was stabilized on a level of 41-43%. Today the general gas consumption level in our country equals about 70 bln cubic meters per year. For this reason Ukraine is among the countries with shortage of own energy resources, it covers by its own gas production only 20-25% of its needs in gas.

Natural Gas Transportation and Storage in Ukraine

For the first time in the world export of natural gas began from the territory of Ukraine. Gas export to Poland began as far back as 1944. Since 1967 Ukrainian gas was delivered to Czechoslovakia and later - to Austria.

Today Ukraine possesses an expanded natural gas piping network. The total length of pipelines exceeds 37,6 thousand km, including 14 thousand km of 1020-1420 mm gas-mains. Inflow carrying capacity of the system equals 290 bln cubic meters, outflow carrying capacity of the system equals 176,2 bln cubic meters. Such system provides gas delivery to local consumers and up to 80% Russian gas export to the European countries and Turkey. Total amount of gas transit through Ukraine equaled 133,6 bln cubic meters in 2005 including export to the European countries ? 118,7 bln cubic meters. It allows Ukraine to take the first place in the world regarding amount of services in natural gas transit.

In Ukraine also operates a network of distribution gas pipelines, which is 196 thousand km long. It allows to deliver natural gas for national industrial enterprises, communal heat power plants, budget institutions and 1 2,6 mln private houses and apartments of our citizens.

Moreover, Ukraine possesses considerable capacities for natural gas storage. Our 13 underground gas-holders of total active capacity of 34,5 bln cubic meters are the largest in Europe. Besides, the majority of them are located at transit pipelines near the western border of Ukraine. Today these gas-holders assure uninterrupted supply of Russian gas to Europe, and render services in gas storage for Poland, Slovakia, Russia and Hungary. However, so far the capacities of Ukrainian gas-holders are not used in full measure.

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