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OJSC Chezara

OJSC Chezara

OJSC Chezara

OJSC „CheZaRa“ is a leader in communication means production, gauges, medical equipment, water heaters production.

Open-Joint Stock Company „Chernigovskiy zavod radiopriborov “ (OJSC „Chezara“) established on the basis of the state enterprise „Chernivovskiy radiopribornuy zavod“which was developed for the general space needs and for a long time was working for the defense and rocket space complexes of the former Soviet Union.

Foundation date is February 14, 1967, when by the Order ¹16 of Minister for general engineering the board of directors was organized, Leonid Bezverkhy was appointed director. On that day the foundations of the first building were laid.

At the same time the first departments were formed at the company: works and building department, equipment, accounting departments, party and social organizations.

The organization of the first assembly shop began, new departments were set up: production manager, chief powerman, materials, personnel, militarized guard departments. A technical school was opened. Personnel were trained only for the factory needs.

The first assembly shop produced the first transducers for space satellites. Later the enterprise began producing of nondestructive testing method devices, digital indicating devices and relay ladder logic systems with program control, relay switching devices for automated electrical mounting check, television signals retransmission equipment, navigation ground-based, air-borne and remote-measuring equipment, transducers, different gauging equipment ( pressure pickups, temperature and humidity sensing elements, rotation sensors) used in various branches of industry, public health, transport, communication and agriculture.

Marketing department works since 1991. The company takes part in the international exhibitions, business meetings and conferences. In 1992 OJSC „CheZaRa“ becomes a regular participant of the communication exhibitions in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Kiev. Since 1996 annually OJSC „CheZaRa“ exhibits its products at the Major World Communication Equipment Show “CeBIT” in Hannover.“In 1992 the company cooperates with the American-Dutch company „ÀÒ&Ò“in production of 5ESS stations and in 1996 a new joint venture was set up. It was named „Lucent Technologies - Chezara, Ltd“.

In 1994 the enterprise was turned into an open joint-stock company OJSC „Chernivovskiy Zavod Radiopriborov“. In 1996 sale of shares began. In 1997 at the first share holders` meeting Konstantin Kolesnyk was appointed Chairman of the Board. In 1996 another restructing took place. 12 subsidiary production units were created. The chief ones are:
- Radio Device Factory
- SU „Rapid“
- Factory „Instrument“
- SU Factory „Neobit“

Phone/Fax: +380 462 234 3

25th Odintsova Street,
City Chernihiv,,
Chernihivska oblast

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