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Open joint stock company Nova

Open joint stock company Nova

Open joint stock company Nova

Nova Company is the only national distributor in Ukraine. To cover the whole territory of Ukraine a network of branches and representative offices was established and 30 distributors work. A network of distributors continues expansion.

Open joint stock company Nova is:
- the leader in the water delivery market of Ukraine;
- the company with best service and product quality;
- over 30,000 customers all over Ukraine;
- the member of European Bottled Watercooler Association (EBWA) and Bootle Water Association of Ukraine;
- company holding exclusive rights to deliver unique waters "Old Myrhorod" and "Alaska" in 18,9 l bottles;
- the most up-to-date HOD plant which is specialized in bottling into 18,9 l bottles;
- The only national operator in the water delivery market having 17 branches and more than 20 distributors;
- One of the IDS Group holding companies, a leader in the domestic bottled water market.

Phone: +380 326 062 288

12a Geologiv St.,
City Morshyn,,
L'vivska oblast

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