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Perlite group

Perlite group

Perlite group

The company “Perlite group” was established in December 2006 as the common project of companies “Intelgroup” and “Top invest”.

From 2002 till 2006 the company “Intelgroup” has been focusing on extraction and sales of perlite, granite, building stone, marble powder and aggregate, tufa stone and powder for dry construction mixes. Today the company has gathered four-year experience in the area of selling crushed and extended perlite to clients throughout Ukraine and in neighbouring countries.

Today the principal domain of “Perlite group” operations is extraction, processing and sale of perlite in Ukraine and abroad.

The Company “Perlite group” holds the rights to quarry pearlite at the “Fogosh” deposit located in village Muzhievo (5 km from Beregovo) in Transcarpathean oblast, the established resources of which are estimated at about 13.4 mil tons.

These days the company finished constructing the perlite rectification and expansion plant “Krivbassperlite” in Krivoy Rog, Dnepropetrovsk oblast.

Besides, in 2006 the construction of the perlite rectification and expansion plant in Beregovo was launched.

By now the company “Pearlite group” performs deliveries of crushed and extended perlite abroad, in particular to Moldova, Romania, Russia, Poland and other countries.

Perlite is the volcanic glass containing 65-75 % of SiO2 and 2-5 % of H2O. The characteristic property of perlite is that if subject to rapid heating of 900 to 1.200°C it increases its volume 4 to 20 times. This happens because perlite includes the bound water which extends during heating according to a well-known popcorn effect and adopts the form of a porous swollen material. The size of swollen pellets varies between 1 and 10 mm, with apparent density of 75 to 150 kg/m3. Thanks to these numerous tiny voids the volcanic rock becomes light and acquires unique thermal and sound-proofing properties. Besides it has perfect refractory properties, chemical inertness and is not damaged by animal pests, among other things.

Phone: +380 443 911 960

40st Mazepu Street,
City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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