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Privat Agro Holding

Privat Agro Holding

Privat Agro Holding

Privat-Agro-Holding’s history has begun in January, 2005, in Dnepropetrovsk city with creation of Group of the companies which included 15 enterprises.
Dynamism and purposefulness of Agro holding’s workers have allowed to expand by 2009 the structure of Group of companies to 24 enterprises located in various regions of Ukraine, and also to increase land bank to 150 thousand of hectares Observance of treaty obligations, stability and Privat-agroholding constancy promoted formation of corporation’s image as a reliable business partner.

All enterprises of Agroholding take regularly the first places in district and oblast by milk yields, additional weights and harvesting.
The Privat-agroholding is engaged in development of crop and cattle-breeding branches. «Breeding factory «Chervonyj Veleten» OJSC during the last 20 years is the constant participant of the international exhibitions-fairs in Ukraine where higher valuable cows-exhibits of the enterprise were prize-winners and winners of competitions.

“Nasinnevoe” OJSC is the largest enterprise on milk and meat manufacture in the Kharkov area, except that, it is one of the best enterprise of Ukraine concerning cultivation of a livestock of red-speckled dairy breed. The basis is made by an industrial complex of livestock breeding with capacity in amount of 5000 heads. Introduction of high technologies in the field of deducing of new dairy breeds of a horned cattle in Open Society "Íàñèííåâîå" has led to increase in quantity and quality of components of dairy production. Now the type of new dairy Ukrainian red-speckled breed is created, received essential genetic and economic benefit. All work with selection of herd of the horned cattle, 27 years spent in a current, confirms value of the deduced animals.

Plant growing is one of the main manufacturers of gross output of agriculture. This branch develops quickly and dynamically. So, Open Company "Dukla", Open Company "Privat-Agro", Open Society "Nasinneve", Open Company of Michurin have acquired the right to cultivation of seeds of elite grain and ìàñëåíè÷íûõ cultures, and their further realisation.

Throughout several years crop production the Agroholding enterprises have reached all considerable successes in the field of cultivation of grain crops, receive productivity in number of 45-55 ts/hectares.

The privat-agroholding and plans further development of agricultural branches and increase in ground bank in all regions of Ukraine.

Phone: +380 567 895 980

4st Pushkin Avenue,
City Dnipropetrovsk,,
Dnipropetrovska oblast

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