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Procter and Gamble Corporation in Ukraine

Procter and Gamble Corporation in Ukraine

Procter and Gamble Corporation in Ukraine

Procter and Gamble Corporation in Ukraine - the leading consumer goods company with a mission to improve the lives of consumers wherever it operates!

P&G is an international company reaching out to almost the entire world population with about 300 brands in 140 countries. Many of these world brands have become famous household names and are found in almost every home.

Headquartered in Cincinnati - Ohio in the USA, P&G has local operations across the globe in more than 80 different countries, including numerous manufacturing sites and research & development technical centers. P&G is an internationally owned company with publicly traded shares, currently owned by over one million shareholders from around the globe.

The Company employs over 100 thousand people of different nationalities spread between North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. Diversity (of gender, race, religion, culture) is one of most important P&G assets in achieving their mission to understand and serve consumers round the world.

Back in 1990 P&G has brought out its products to the Ukrainian market. In 1993 it became inevitable that the second largest country in Europe would need more than just an import business. Therefore, in 1993, the company's first office was set up in Kyiv, initially employing three people and located in the basement of a medical library. By 1995, P&G had grown into one of the leading fast-moving consumer goods businesses in the country.

P&G is the strategic investor to Ukrainian economy. Company's manufacturing facilities are its plant in Boryspil, Kiev region, producing women hygiene products under Tampax, Always, Discreet and Naturella TMs and a plant in Ordzhonikidze, Dnepropetrovsk region, producing consumer products under Gala, Only You, Dax, Shandy, Camay and Safeguard TMs.

Since the beginning of 1995, the company has invested about 200 million dollars in fixed assets, current assets, distribution infrastructure and marketing support of its products in Ukraine.
Procter & Gamble offers to the Ukrainian market almost 40 brands well-known to each Ukrainian family including Ariel, Tide and Bonux detergents; Pantene Pro-V, Head&Shoulders, Clairol Herbal Essences, Wash&Go, Shamtu shampoos; Safeguard and Camay soaps; Blend-a-Med toothpaste, Blendax toothpaste and BAM Spinbrush toothbrush; Pampers diapers; Always, Tampax and Only You woman hygienic means; Gala fabric and home care products; ACE bleach; Comet cleansing powder; Fairy dishwashing liquid; Lenor fabric softener; Mr. Proper surface cleaner; Old Spice products and many others.

There are almost 2000 people currently employed by Procter & Gamble in Ukraine.

The partnership between P&G and Ukraine is an enduring one. The Ukrainian market is very important to the company.

Phone: +380 444 900 900

Kievska oblast

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