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Research Production Enterprise STEALTH

Research Production Enterprise STEALTH

Research Production Enterprise STEALTH

Research & Production Enterprise “STEALTH”:
- protective shielding of server rooms;
- shielded assembled and disassembled cabins;
- technical protection of information;
- local computer networks;
- systems of fire fighting and fire signalization;
Since 1997 the research and production enterprise “Stealth” is specialized in a protective shielding of server rooms, manufacture of load-carrying metal structures, inspection and flaw detection of welded joints and anti-corrosion protection of metal structures. Many works are fulfilled by us in collaboration with specialists of the E.O.Paton Electric Welding Institute of the NAS of Ukraine, the recognized leader in the field of electric welding and quality control of the welded joints.
The National Bank of Ukraine has issued several Resolutions, directed to guarantee the steady operation of the bank system and made all the banks and their branches to equip the server rooms with electromagnetic shields (Resolutions of NBU Board No. 243 of 04.07.07) .
Over the recent years our specialists have made more than 50 shielded rooms, whose technical requirements exceeded more often the standard requirements both as to the signal attenuation and also to the frequency range of the shielding. Thus, for example, the shielded structures were designed, manufactured and mounted on the objects being protected, guaranteeing the following parameters:
- electromagnetic attenuation in the range of 100 kHz – 1 GHz is not lower than 72 dB;
- shielded system of a continuous electric supply of 15 kW power;
- shielded system of heat dissipation and ventilation for 216 kcal/min;
- equally shielded system of electromagnetic locking, fire signalization and control of access.
R&P enterprise “Stealth” carries out constantly the applied research works, development of the new products. Over many years our specialists present papers at scientific-practical conferences on technical protection of information, on the progress in bank technologies.

• National Bank of Ukraine – seven Regional Offices and Central Clearing Offices
• Governmental Treasure House – three Regional Offices
• Information Center of Dnepropetrovsk Regional State Administration
• State Enterprise “Ukrpatent” (2 rooms)
• APPB “Aval”- Central Office, five Boards of Directors and Branches
• Prominvestbank of Ukraine – 4 rooms
• JSB “Arkada” – 2 rooms
• The First Ukrainian International Bank – 3 rooms
• “City-Bank (Ukraine) ”, JSB “Reiffeisenbank (Ukraine) ” and 13 other banks and their branches
• JSB “UkrSibBank”, Kiev
• JSB “Capital Bank”, Kiev
• JSB “PUMB”, Kiev
• JSB “Express-Bank”, Donetsk

Phone: +380 442 008 111

15th Boszenko Street,
City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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