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Research and Educational Center

Research and Educational Center

Research and Educational Center

The goal of the Research and Educational Center (REC) is to amalgamate research and educational groups have been formed on the basis of University Earth science schools into the scientific and educational center of international level. The REC activity is directed to integration of training highly qualified specialists and solution of fundamental and applied problems such as mineral and energy resources usage to be solved by humanity in the XXI century.

The REC is created for solving the following tasks:
- to concentrate NMU scientific efforts to make advance in fundamental research concerning geological structures, geotechnologies, resources and energy potentials of bowels of the earth as well as environment rehabilitation and remediation in mining areas, to use and develop the University facilities;
- to carry out high-level research up to the world standards by the skilled scientific staff of the REC using its modern up-to-date facilities and close cooperation with the institutions of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU) as well as other organizations and enterprises, foreign universities and scientific centers;
- to enhance introducing the research results into teaching/learning process by involving highly qualified specialists, forming advanced groups, creating individual educational programs, developing the system of additional and postgraduate education;
- to train students within the REC research plan, to prepare highly qualified educated personnel, to re-train specialists using interdisciplinary scientific achievements;
- to implement the competition system for young scientists support to motivate them to participate conferences and work in research centers, to broaden information capabilities, to stimulate young researchers;
- to develop external links with higher educational institutions and scientific centers, branch institutes and industrial enterprises in Ukraine, Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), developed countries, which will lead to long-term agreements;
- to originate objects of intellectual property and provide their commercialization and innovative implementation.

World experience of mining shows that man-caused changes in the environment and landscape exceed several times the natural geological transformations. At the same time the man intervention in the geological environment does not take into proper account complex physical and chemical processes in the bowels, such as solid phase, fluid, and gas movement.

At the end of the XX century about 4 thousands mineral deposits were exploited in Ukraine. Annually roughly 2.2 billion tons of mine rock have been extracted, and only

30-40% of this volume were used. Hundreds of millions cubic meters of water are pumped out to the surface, disbalancing significantly the salt and water exchange in the Earth depths.

Phone: +380 562 468 711

19th K.Marksa Avenue,
City Dnipropetrovsk,,
Dnipropetrovska oblast

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