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Shostka Chemical Reagents Plant

Shostka Chemical Reagents Plant

Shostka Chemical Reagents Plant

Open Joint Stock Company "Shostka Chemical Reagents Plant" is the versatile enterprise of the chemical industry delivering the wide assortment of production not only to Ukraine, but also in other countries of the world. We actively cooperate with many Russian, Belarus, Kazakhstan enterprises. Mutually advantageous partner relations with some firms of Germany, China, Czech Republic, Poland, India are established.

Working in market conditions and a rigid competition, we constantly improve technological processes, develop new technologies and products.

The purpose of Open Joint Stock Company "Shostka Chemical Reagents Plant" - to provide consumers with qualitative production. The confirmation of this is manufacturing of chemical reactants and the preparations corresponding to the best world standards the strict observance of technologies and quality assurance of production are provided at Open Joint Stock Company "Shostka Chemical Reagents Plant".

At the Open Joint Stock Company "Shostka Chemical Reagents Plant" the powerful scientific - industrial base on release of the chemical goods, the majority of which does not produce not only in Ukraine, but also in the CIS countries are organized. Our experts work on rectification columns, the capacitor equipment, with a cold, corrosive chemicals, carry out in industrial scale the reaction of condensation, sulphurization, nitrozation, diazotation, aminations and a lot of other chemical processes.

Open Joint Stock Company "Shostka Chemical Reagents Plant" has the standard - technical base including more then 4000 products:
- Organic reagents
- Indicators and dyes
- Chemical production of technical purpose
- Ordered chemical.

Phone: +380 544 920 412

1st Shcherbakova Street,
City Shostka,,
Sumska oblast

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