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Shostka State Zvezda Plant

Shostka State Zvezda Plant

Shostka State Zvezda Plant

Shostka state “Zvezda” Plant was founded on May 21, 1739 and now it is the oldest enterprise in the branche with high skilled workers and engineering staff. From 1771 it is a state enterprise. For more than 260 years period the plant has been mastering about 80 names of gunpowder and other products of defence branch.

The plant has:
- two modern works and nine shops;
- Plant laboratory with high technology;
- science – research laboratory;
- testing and three instrumentation laboratory;
- transport shops: automobile and railway;
- well equipped storehouse;
- science-research institute;
- base college for training staff.

Plant products are:
- pyroxyline powders for propelling charge to rounds of barrel artillery, mortars, rifles and submachine guns and small calibre guns;
- safety Bickford fuses micanit for moulding; used for detonators and special wares;
- smoky qrainy powders used for pyrotechnic means;
- igniters for charqes made of smokeless powder;
- the plant makes assembly of charges and rounds to 125 mm gun D-81, 122mm howitzer D-30, 130 mm gun M-46 100 mm launching ramp 2A70 (for ÁÌÏ-3);
- the plant masters pyroxyline powder of type 6/7 Ï-5ÁÏôë, which is used in 30 mm cartridges to gun 2 A42, in new rounds to 100 mm launding ramp 2A70;
- they work out guarantee period for using wares of 23 mm, 30 mm, 12,7 mm 81 mm and 7,62 mm calibres and for utilisazion of ammunition and mines.

Industrial products:
- insulation made of mica, micafabric, micatape and glassmica;
- glasstextolit for insulation with foil;
- hetinax;
- lacquer for insulation;
- nitrocellulose and lacquer products for coating outer and inner wooden and metallic surfaces;
- insulation;
- special lacquers for industry;
- colloxylines of types BB, BHB, ÏÑÂ, ÍÕ;
- safety Bickford fuses ÎØÀ, ÎØÏ;
- hunting powders “Kruk” and “White bear”.

Phone: + 380 544 946 404

36th Lenina Street,
City Shostka,,
Sumska oblast

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