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TV Channel Glas

TV Channel Glas

TV Channel Glas

TV Channel Glas is a cultural educational channel, whose programs and films focus the viewers' attention on the spiritual and historical heritage of the Ukrainian nation.

Our television is viewer-friendly. We have no politics or commercials on our TV.

24 hours a day we tell about variety and beauty of the world, about history, shrines and traditions, places of interest of Ukraine and of the world, about well-known people.

We help our compatriots outside Ukraine to keep in touch with Motherland and its cultural heritage.
The channel is broadcast through the satellite Sirius-4 covering Ukraine, Russia and the countries of Europe, Middle East. The satellite Sirius-4 occupies the 5E orbital slot. The Satellite-Earth channel transmission frequency is 11,766 GHz, transponder number 3. It has a linear horizontal polarization. The level of error correction is . DVB-S standard and QPSK modulation. The symbol rate is 27500.

You can watch the web-transmission of the channel Glas at our site. The cable TV providers in many cities of Ukraine rebroadcast the channel.

The content of Glas TV channel comprises the programs targeted for the audience of different ages and interests. We offer entertainment educational projects to children and youth. Together with the puppet heroes of the program Cone Forest the kids perceive the world and learn about the basic Christian and universal values; watching the Wonder World program they discover a wonderful world of plants and animals; together with the presenter of Architecture the youth participate in historical investigations concerning creation of outstanding monuments of architecture of Ukraine; the animation project Image of Piety reminds of the moral values partially forgotten in modern society.

And even the weather forecast is different at TV channel Glas: in addition to the information on temperature and atmospheric phenomena one can see well-known Orthodox sights of a certain territory and understand the essential: Wherever you are, find the sun and the warmth inside of you.

We constantly release new projects, programs, and movies. The TV Channel Glas production was highly estimated by the jury of many international festivals.

Phone: +380 800 300 381

For letters: PO Box 83,,
Kievska oblast

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