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The Biscuit-Chocolate corporation

The Biscuit-Chocolate corporation

The Biscuit-Chocolate corporation

The range of goods produced by the corporation includes biscuits (sugar, butter, short dough), crackers, wafers, wafer rolls, sponge-cakes, wafer cakes, caramels, coated and uncoated sweets, chocolate, marshmallow, toffee, marmalade and nougat.

1896 is considered to be the beginning of confectionery production in Kharkiv, when the Confectionary producing plant of George Borman was founded. George Borman was a famous confectionery manufacturer and supplier of Russian Emperor. Later, in 1935, the other confectionery, Kharkiv Biscuit Factory, was founded. Since 2001 both enterprises have produced different sweets under "Biscuit-Chocolate" trademark, and in 2004 they were joined into Corporation of the same name.

About 3 000 employees work today in both plants and about 180 tonns of confectionery goods per day are produced.

Phone: +380 577 129 007

City Kharkiv,,
Kharkivska oblast

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