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The Clinic 311

The Clinic 311

The Clinic 311

The Clinic 311 was established in year 2006 on the basis of the Dr. Valikhnovsky’s Surgery Centre as the Emergency Aid Department.

Since then, Clinic 311 is known as a reliable medical facility which provides a full range of Ambulance services as well as consultations, diagnostics and treatment, and also helps in branch of aesthetic medicine, reconstructive surgery and cosmetology.

The Clinic is equipped with the ultra-modern surgery block, comfortable inpatient facility and the Physical Therapy Department.

The Clinic has its own Rehabilitation Centre, where the newest and the classic principles of the renewal treatment of the post-operative period and the unique combination of the curative prophylactic procedures are incarnated.

We will help you to get rid of unpleasant feelings and you will be healthy and exuberant again!

The pediatrician and children’s surgeon, cooperating with each other, will settle the most complicated medical cases, provide the professional consultation and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

In “311 emergency medicine clinic” are created the best conditions for therapeutic and surgical treatment of patients, postoperational rehabilitation.

The highly qualified specialists of the emergency teams and up-to-date equipped resuscitation ambulance vans enable to render qualified aid at home, perform laboratory examination, USC, ECG, etc., without leaving the house, and, if necessary, organize for their patients the consultation of any particular speciality.

As is known, the surgeon services are the most widely-spread among the people. Our specialists work twenty-four hour a day and without days off. There are diseases, which can require immediate surgical intervention, which include:
- furuncle;
- lymphadenitis (lymphatic node inflammation);
- lymphangitis (lymphatic vessel inflammation);
tissue infiltration.

Although these diseases do not cause any extraordinary difficulties in terms of surgical treatment, they can make the patients suffer, and that is accompanied by the pronounced pain reaction.

The striking example can be an ingrown nail. Here the painful sensations are so evident that the medicine had obtained the new “first sleepless night” symptom.

We will help you to get rid of these unpleasant feelings and you will be healthy and exuberant again.

Phone: +380 442 000 311 (

17th Chervonozoryanyi Ave.,
City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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