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The State Border Service of Ukraine

The State Border Service of Ukraine

The State Border Service of Ukraine

Principal functions of the State Border Service of Ukraine

Principal functions of the State Border Service of Ukraine are as follows:

policing Ukraine's state border on land, sea, rivers, lakes, and other water bodies in order to prevent any illegal change of its line and to enforce the regime of the state border and the borderline regime;

exercising border control and allowing passage across the border, according to the established procedure, of individuals, vehicles, cargos and other properties as well as detecting and precluding illegal movement thereof;

safeguarding Ukraine's sovereign rights in its exclusive (maritime) economic zone, and supervising the exercise of rights and the meeting of obligations in that zone by other states, Ukrainian and foreign legal and natural persons, and international organizations;

carrying out intelligence, information and analytical, and operational criminal investigation activities to ensure protection of Ukraine's state border in accordance with the Law of Ukraine on Intelligence Bodies in Ukraine and the Law of Ukraine on Operational Criminal Investigation;

participating in the fight against organized crime and counteracting illegal migration at Ukraine's state border as well as within the bounds of the border districts controlled;

participating in state protection of the places of permanent and temporary stay of the President of Ukraine and officials listed in the Law of Ukraine on State Protection of Public Authorities and Officials of Ukraine;

guarding Ukraine's diplomatic institutions abroad;

coordinating the activities of military formations and relevant law-enforcement bodies related to protection of Ukraine's state border as well as coordinating the activities of state bodies that exercise various types of control over crossing of Ukraine's state border or take part in enforcement of the state border regime, the borderline regime, and the regime at Ukrainian state border checkpoints.

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Kievska oblast

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