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The magazine Salon

The magazine Salon

The magazine Salon

The first magazine in Ukraine, which is dedicated to interior design. “Salon” presents the interiors of the Ukrainian architects alongside with the best samples of world design.

On opening “Salon”, the reader finds himself or herself in the world, as it is seen by the creators of fashion and material environment. Here, in this “dimension” of design, he or she will not only encounter refined shapes and accurate designs, but will also plunge into the multidimensional nature of creation.

Contemplations, experiments, bright impressions and contagious energy – for the reader, all this will become a key to his or her own creativity. Not just contemplate, but also to create, to use inspiration, ideas and knowledge to build his or her own style, house and world.
For 10 years, the magazine “SALON” has been the leader on the market of special publications in the field of interior design and we still remain loyal to our slogan: “All the best in design”.

Mission and aims:
To reflect trends in the field of interior fashion and design.

Objectives:To provide the readers’ audience with the most complete information in the field of interior design. To carry out professional analysis of events, which take place in the world of interior design and to reflect trends in this sphere.

Target Audience:
• interior designers (37 %);
• architects (21 %);
• top managers / enterprise owners (23 %);
• civil servants (12 %);
• other (7 %).

Income Level:
• high and very high, above average (69 %);
• average (27 %);
• below average (4 %).

Phone: +380 445 374 015

49a, Volodymyrska Street,
City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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