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Trade house Terpolimergas

Trade house Terpolimergas

Trade house Terpolimergas

TOV “Trade house” “Terpolimergas” (Ternopol) has very high rating in the Ukrainian market. Assortment of the raw materials grow up every time, because TOV “Trade house” “Terpolimergas” is the only official spokesman who use the product that makes by TOV “Plast-Fason” , that doesn’t have analogue in Ukraine now.

Company has relationship with, shaped parts, providers and traders in Ukraine and aboard. The major course of company is - product wholesale for mounting and building gas lines, which include temperature resistant, joint and cutting welding.

Now company has a lot of sales for our customers. On our day market, our product faces a lot of competition with another companies product.

As the company grows up, it gets new partners with close relationship. As the result of that the company’s range of activity always grows up. Company always develop their transport system, and will be glad to work with the people who can help it with that.

We guaranty that our product has high quality, which answer the European standards. And the good price makes temperature resistant welding accessible for all people.

Always glad to see you as our partners!

Phone: +380 352 528 169

31st Mikylinetska Street,
City Ternopil,,
Ternopilska oblast

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