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Transient Technologies

Transient Technologies

Transient Technologies

The VIY series GPR are the devices for non-destruction examination which allow to reduce essentially cost and time of research of geological conditions before construction or digging works. In many cases, including search of cavities or plastic pipelines, no other methods or devices at all to reach any positive effect.

Transient Technologies Company is a leading developer and manufacturer of georadars and accompanying equipment in Ukraine. Owing to many-years experience and highly skilled experts our products have high consumer properties, reliability, simplicity and convenience of operation as well.

Wide opportunities and application flexibility allow to apply the VIY series georadars for solution of various problems

- examination of geological situation before construction
- research of geological conditions and base of the construction under its reconstruction
analysis of condicions of large building constructions - dams, embankments, walls, bridges etc.
- search of underground communications, including nonmetallic - a waterpipe, the water drain, drainage systems, cables, etc.
- research of automobile and railways, road embankments conditions
survey of walls of tunnels and adjoining breeds conditions

Ecology, technogenic accidents: - localization of underground pipelines failures areas - floods of pipelines contents
- search and research of water table horizons

Archeology and treasure hunt:
- search of various objects on depths up to 15 m
detection of hidden digging areas, including ancient ones
- location of cavities - burial grounds, crypt, etc.

- search of underminings, underground courses and other underground constructions
- detection of not authorized burial places
location of hiding places, including within the precincts of and under a floor of buildings and constructions
- search of missiles and mines, including plastic ones

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