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UKRCONSULTING LAW FIRM LLC. was established in year 2007, therefore at the moment we are young Ukrainian Law Firm located in Kharkov city, Ukraine. Therewith employees of our Law Firm have significant professional experience and speak English well, and all this together allows our Law Firm to offer timely, competent and professional legal services not only to Ukrainian clients but also to various international corporate and private clients as well.

Traditionally Ukrainian law school, which is the successor of former USSR law school, provides that each lawyer should have very wide legal skills and experience in almost each field of jurisprudence and legal practice (civil law, public law, corporate law, family law, labor law, commercial law, investment law, tax law, administrative and criminal law, court procedures, etc.). Following this tradition our Law Firm offers to its customers the high-quality legal services in each and every legal field, however most legal specialists of our Law Firm together with good skills and experience in all the above listed legal fields have their own dominant specialization and we believe this is the right way to retain and improve the existing legal experience of our lawyers as well as the overall competence of our Law Firm and quality of our legal services.

Also should be mentioned, that our Law Firm provides not only professional legal services, but also some auxiliary services, which are often also required together with the legal services. Namely, we have the Translations Department inside of our Law Firm, where employed big number of professional translators and interpreters of English, German, French, Dutch, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish and of a wide list of other languages. We have UKRCONSULTING ACCOUNTING & FINANCE PE Daughter Company, which offers excellent accounting and tax planning services for corporate and private clients. For most complicated accounting and tax situations we can offer assistance of our Partner Company SOM AUDIT AUDITING FIRM with a couple of experienced accountants and auditors, which can also offer various audit services if required.

Phone: +380 577 550 469

9V, Ivana Dubovogo side-street,
City Kharkiv,,
Kharkivska oblast

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