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UVK - Ukrainian Cargo Couriers

UVK - Ukrainian Cargo Couriers

UVK - Ukrainian Cargo Couriers

UVK (Ukrainian Cargo Couriers) was established back in 2001 and today is the leading national logistics operator to provide integrated logistics solutions in Ukraine.

The UVK’s unique distribution logistics system enables to effectively manage the company’s Clients’ supply chains – i.e. the whole process of cargos (goods) flows from the manufacturer, importer, or supplier to the end consumer.

The UVK’s in-house logistics system is based on these services:
- Door-to-door delivery of the Clients’ cargos is among UVK’s key competitive advantages. Created back in 2006, UVK’s nation-wide system of distribution logistics assures the delivery of cargos all over the country for 24/48/72 hours
- UVK offers a complete range of warehouse services, including storage at the company’s logistics terminals and handling of any unit of Clients’ goods
- UVK renders customs clearance services, advisory on Ukraine’ customs law and procedures, and storage and warehousing at its bonded facility (within one of UVK’s logistics complexes)
- Within the range of logistics services, UVK has provided since 2001, the company also renders value-added logistics services, such as: Re-packing of goods, àssembly of promo-units of any complexity, stickering of single product unit, insertion of various leaflets.

Phone: +380 444 905 225

100st Stolichnoe Shosse,
City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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