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Ukrainian Fashion Week

Ukrainian Fashion Week

Ukrainian Fashion Week

Following the best world standards, Ukrainian Fashion Week is a guarantee of stable social attention towards Ukrainian fashion, increase of trust of Ukrainians towards the label "made in Ukraine".

Ukrainian Fashion Week and the designers became much more than the cultural barometers of society: from participation in an inauguration of the President to creation appearances of Eurovision's winners, from the garments of the heroes of popular TV shows to partnership in the movies of Roman Balayan and Kira Muratova, from the covers of magazines to participation in high-ratings TV projects, from being among the judges (judging) of Miss Europe to foundation of the European Council of Fashion - the influence of the Ukrainian fashion and its heroes on the life of the country can be hardly overestimated.

"Ukrainian week of pret-a-porte is the first among series of such actions, it will be held periodically, twice a year, the main objective of it is the popularization of national fashion and its producers.

The Ukrainian Fashion Week is a cultural action of national importance, which, in course of time, can grow into commercial, as it is accepted all over the world.

The action is planned as a domestic analogue of annual weeks of "pret-a-porte", which take place in Paris, Milan, London, New York and other capitals of the world. It will stimulate designers to produce new collections not from time to time, but systematic, in accordance with development of new directions and styles" - so sounded the quotation from the press-release of the first Ukrainian Fashion Week, which took place in November, 1997 in the apartment of Kyiv's Karaim's kenasa.

Collections of the Ukrainian designers, each of whom has atelier or studio, become more accessible for users. Those, who love and want to purchase clothes of known Ukrainian brands, can find them both in monobrand and in multibrand shops. In Ukraine there are: 21 shops in Kyiv, 3 shops both in Lvov and in Odessa, 2 - in Kharkov, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk and a 1 shop in Kherson. Ukrainian designers' brands can be found also in Russia. There are two shops in each Moscow and Saint Petersburg and one shop each in Saratov and Ekaterinburg.

We are proud of the fact that collections of some participants of Ukrainian Fashion Week are sold in Europe: Liliya Pustovit presents the brand of NB Poustovit in Bologna (Italy), London (Great Britain), Zurich (Switzerland). The first line of "Andre Tan" is sold in Paris (France) and Berlin (Germany). In the Italian city Al'ba collection of Golets the first line is presented, in Monaco - collection of Diana Dorozhkina, and in Amsterdam (Netherlands) - of Ilona Kuts.
Another quotation from the Manifest of Ukrainian pret-a-porte in 1997 said: "The action is held with a wide informative support of mass medias: 7 TV channels, 4 radio stations, 6 newspapers, 4 magazines".

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