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Ukrainian Womens Fund

Ukrainian Womens Fund

Ukrainian Womens Fund

The Ukrainian Women’s Fund (UWF) is an international charitable organization founded in 2000. The UWF provides civil society organizations (CSOs) from Ukraine , Moldova and Belarus with financial, information and consultation support.

UWF represents the Network Women’s Program of the Open Society Institute - New York, and is a member of the International Network of Women’s Funds and the Ukrainian Donors’ Forum.

UWF’s mission is to assist CSOs, specifically, but not limited to women’s CSOs, to play an active role in the processes of democratization of society and to contribute to equality, justice and respect to human rights by supporting the civil society development with financial opportunities.

The UWF Goals
- To promote human rights and fundamental freedoms of citizens by strengthening CSOs
- To attract more resources to support civil society by developing a culture of philanthropy in Ukraine
- To facilitate the consolidation of women’s movement as an integral part of civil society in Ukraine , as well as in Moldova and Belarus
- To enhance public participation in decision making on different levels
- To increase public attention to issues of diversity and gender

Phone: +380 445 685 389

79th Artema Street, office 38,
City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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