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Vyshevichi Agrotehnika

Vyshevichi Agrotehnika

Vyshevichi Agrotehnika

A public joint-stock company of "Vyshevichi Agrotehnika" is the producer of agricultural technique and one of most operating enterprises of productions of district Radomyshl of the Zhitomirskoy area.

PJC “Vyshevichi Agrotehnika” is located on an area 7 ga and has more than 4 th.sq.m of areas of productions, more than 300 units of users of electric power by general power over 3 th.kVt.

The followings workshops and areas are included in the pattern of production of enterprise:

- urveying workshop. Has gil'yotinnye scissors, presnozhnitsy, machine-tool for cutting of metall's round;
- machine-shop. Contains machine-tools: lathe, millings, zubonareznye, planing, drillings and polishing;
- area of press equipment. Contains the machine-tools of presses of different modifications;
- area of heat treatment. Contains the stoves of by volume tempering and equipment of TVCH;
- area of welding works. Contains semi-automatic devices for conducting of welding works;
- area of air – plasma ñutering. Has vehicles for the cut of details on copier;
- assembling workshop;
- area of painting of the finished products;
storages and grounds for storage of raw material and prepared products.

On powers of factory the complete cycle of production of technique is executed for till of soil:

- development;
- making of komplektuschikh and constructions;
- completing and assembling;
- test of the prepared products;
- painting of the finished products.

On this time, for satisfaction of demand at the market of technique for till of soil, an enterprise makes reliable machines on ýíåðãîõðàíÿùåé technology:

- disk harrows heavy (DHH) of disks different modifications and by the different width of scope;
- disk harrows overhang (DHO) of disks different modifications and by the different width of scope;
- cultivators-swellers (CS) with subdivider;
- cultivators-flatcuters (CFC);
- cultivators (CPS);
- cultivators hop-picker (CHP);
- cultivators forest furrow (CFF);
- rollers circular-spur (RCS);
- rollers circular-cog (RCC).

Due to high quality of our products, skilled service, the products of factory become more claimed both on territory of Ukraine and on territory of postsovetskikh countries. And enterprise knowable as in Ukraine so after its scopes.

Phone: +380 413 271 272

42nd Lenin's Street,
Vishevichi Village,,
Zhytomyrska oblast

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