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Zhashkov Stud-farm

Zhashkov Stud-farm

Zhashkov Stud-farm

Zhashkov Stud-farm was founded in 1999. At that time, few enthusiasts decided to breed horses of Westfalen breed, which is extremely demanded in European sports world. In fact, these days Westfalen Horse- Breeding Association is one of the best in Germany.

The origin of the Westfalian breed takes its start in ancient times, but systematic breeding began only on the edge of 19th- 20th centuries. At that time, in 1905, Westfalian herd-book was started. Since that day the basic requirements for mares and stallions (Warendorf Tage) have been established, this has become fundamental for all horse-breeding areas of Germany.

Horses of this breed attract with their versatility as they are ideal for the sports competitions as well as for the active leisure. They have distinct combination of excellent jumping potential and gracefulness.

The stud farm is located just 140 km. away from the Ukrainian capital in the city called Zhashkov. There are a lot of prize winners of international competitions and wildly known, famous horses among the livestock of the stud farm.

200 hectares of pasture, 100 hectares of hayfield, base that occupies 17 hectares, 2 stables of a stall type to fit in 60 dams, sports stable for 80 stalls, pairing manege, 12 stalls for studs, training manege that operates in 5 different modes, riding house, modern infirmary and laboratory all these facilities provide best conditions for excellent physical development of the horses all year long.

Besides breeding itself, the stud farm actively invests into equestrian sport, and Zhashkov equestrian sports school is its base.

Phone: +380 474 761 891

6th Artema Streem,
Town Zhashkiv,,
Cherkaska oblast

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