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  • Web design and marketing
    Our team builds the websites that are fully comply with Ukrainian mentality, there for you have a chance to win the local
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  • Autec Imports
    Private enterprise "AUTEK Import" is the official representative of company "Autec-Group" in Ukraine, established in Germany in early
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  • Kharkov State Aircraft Manufacturing
    At present Kharkov State Aircraft Manufacturing Company is one of the leading companies in the field of aviation industry of Ukraine.
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  • Company Edican
    The company "Edican" is fairly new on Ukrainian market among producers of MDF facades for cabinet furniture and armored doors, however with solid reputation
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    is one of the first private higher institutions in Ukraine established in 1991. It is also one of the largest universities in Ukraine with over 32 000 students. It meets the needs
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Ukrainian builder and construction companies

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  • 2nd Mechnikova Street,
    "Parus" Business-C,
    Kievska oblast
    K.A.N. Development was founded in 2001 and coincided with the uprise of construction-development business in Ukraine.
  • 1st- A Karl Marks Ave., office 3
    City Dnipropetrovsk,,
    Dnipropetrovska oblast
    LLC «BuilArt» is a fast-moving development company.
  • 60A Lesnaya Street,
    Kalinovka village,,
    Kievska oblast
    DeamHouse Ukraine was founded in 2007 by Dragon Capital to help large-scale residential developers construct quality, large suburban residential projects with speed and scale.
  • 120th Balkovskaya Street,
    City Odessa,,
    Odess'ka oblast
    Company “UST-SP” specializes in the design, manufacture, and installation of technological pipelines, metal and concrete structures.

  • City Dolyna,,
    Ivano-Frankivs'ka oblast
    The company “Karpatskyi Dim” is providing the best possible range of architectural services for our
    clients with philosophy – “no job is too big or too small”
  • 4th I. Lepse Ave.,
    City Kiev,,
    Kievska oblast
    The company SV ALTERA is taking the leading place in the electrical engineering and automation of technological processes in Ukraine.
  • 4th-A Zolotoy bereg,
    City Odessa,,
    Odess'ka oblast
    "Hi-Raise Constructions" Company performs a complete cycle of works from projecting and construction of objects up to their realization and subsequent operation.
  • 16th Otakara Yarosha Blvd.
    City Kharkiv,,
    Kharkivska oblast
    L LC "ElitStroy Service" was founded in Kharkov in 2003 as a construction company engaged in manufacture and repair of industrial floors on the Ukrainian market, using modern European technology.
  • 4th Nikolay Grinchenko Street,
    City Kiev,,
    Kievska oblast
    Tavolini parquet is not just a trick of a fashion, it is a high art, culture, beauty and design which could not be influenced by time.
  • 9th Girshmana Street,
    City Kharkiv,,
    Kharkivska oblast
    Research and production company Sklo+ Glas offers innovative decisions in the field of architecture and of interior elements from glass.
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