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CJSC UkrTehnoProm

CJSC UkrTehnoProm

CJSC UkrTehnoProm

Closed Joint - Stock Company “UkrTehnoProm” is managed by the “UkrTehnoProm” Holding. There are 7 industrial and 3 trading enterprises that compound the Holding Group.

The “UkrTehnoProm” Holding Company implenent the strategic management of the Holding participants, and also instils the common financial, technical, personnel, price, marketing and advertising policy. The sphere of the company also covers the social policy, creation and support of the corporate style and standards, and more to it, conducting the multifaceted corporate arrangements.

The Leading business of the “UkrTehnoProm” Holding Company is the public corporation “Krasilivsky Machine-building Plant” which counts out the day since its establishment as of 1932. The manufacturing facilities of the enterprise are based in the Krasilov town, Khmelnitskiy region.

Its activity has begun from the small workshop in terms of fixing the agricultural equipment. During the Great Patriotic War the plant was destroyed. But in spite of this, the working activity was recommenced, and gradually developed its manufacturing facilities and the production capacity.

During that time, the plant specialized on the output of the equipment for the sugar industry, trailers, caravans, cranes, conveyers, both tractor and carriage loaders. Today, the “Krasilivsky Machine-building Plant” specializes on manufacturing the heating equipment under the “ATON” trade mark.

“Krasilivsky Machine-building Plant” was the first among the enterprises in its branch who introduced and certified the quality management system on the heating equipment according to the requirement of ÄÑÒÓ, and also the international ISO standard as of 9001-2001.

The establishment repeatedly took part in international exhibitions. It was awarded with the honored Presidium Diploma of Trade and Industry of the Ukrainian Chamber for the active participation in the external economic activities and the contribution to the development of the Chamber of Comerce and Industry of Ukraine. And also with the diploma of the finalist on the Ukrainian contest “100 best goods of Ukraine” on which there were exhibited the heating techniques of “ATON” trade mark.

Contemporary design and the ability due to the heat exchanger, gas-stove burners, and the reliable automation to create comfortable thermal conditions under the minimum expenses – all of this is the indisputable advantage of the “ATON” boilers.

Presently, Òrade Ìark “ATON” offers You the following production:
- Wall hang and floor standing (parapet) boilers with the power of: 7; 10; 12,5; 16 kwt;
- Domestic small flue boilers with the power of: 8, 10, 12,5 kwt;
- Domestic flue boilers with the power of: 16, 20, 25, 30, 50 kwt;
- Industrial flue devices with the power of: 100, 250, 630 kwt
(for the heating of premises and industrial establishments);
- Gas running water heaters;
- Gas counters;
- Gas-stoves.

Phone: +380 444 676 648

City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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