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Casting company TALKO

Casting company TALKO

Casting company TALKO

Tavrian casting company "TALKO" is an active enterprise with modern approaches to business in the field of casting production which incorporates the following production subdivisions:

- aluminum casting shop produces castings by means of chill casting and die casting. The shop capacity is 3500 tons of good castings per year.

- steel casting shop produces investment castings. The shop capacity is 320 tons of good castings per year.

- machine assembly shop produces parts and finished units.

The capability of the company allows to design and to produce foundry tooling and equipment for machining castings.

Our company disposes high productive capacity that allows producing more than 3500 tons of aluminum castings per year and about 320 tons of steel precision investment castings.Among the products of the enterprise there are such castings as gear-type pump cases, disk brake cramps, pistons for automobiles, motorcycles, tractors, steering control housings, clutch cases for engines SMD, covers for pneumatic cylinders, cases for electric tools, nozzle rings and many other things.
Aluminum castings are produced by means of die casting and as well by means of chill casting using special and universal mechanized chill machines.
Aluminum alloys of Al-Si-Mg and Al-Si-Cu systems are used for producing aluminiun castings; for steel investment casting production we use carbon structural steels, lowalloyed ones and heat resistant ones.
Castings are tested for the chemical composition, mechanical properties, microstructure, and dimensional accuracy.

Experts of the company have developed and introduced the Quality Management System which was certified for the accordance to the requirements of International standart DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 The registration number of the certificate is 15 100 31608.

Phone: + 380 619 431 176

4, Kakhovskoye highway,
City Melitopol,,
Zaporizhska oblast

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