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Center of family stomatology

Center of family stomatology

Center of family stomatology

The doors of «Center of family stomatology» are opened for all, who cares of its own health. In fact healthy teeth are a foundation of health of the whole human organism. But unfortunately, not every one is rewarded with ideal teeth by nature.. Even those, who scrupulously obey all recommendations of the care over oral cavity, live their life in a healthy way and eat according to the balanced dietary regime can not keep the health of their teeth without advisces of professional dentists. And we didn’t even mentioned inborn teeth deformities.

«Center of family stomatology» is the first and so far the only private clinic in Ukraine which can offer a complete range of dental services on the 24-hour basis, will teach how to keep your teeth in a healthy condition all the time. Here you can also be provided with assistance of the jaw&facial surgery unit which specializes in correction of the inborn and gained teeth deformities and pathologies. The special attention in a clinic is devoted to the dental impanthalogy and osteoplastics.

In «Family dentistry center» the complete range of services will be rendered to you: we can offer consultations of our specialists and complete diagnostics, caries and parodontosis treatment, esthetic restoration, bleaching of teeth, hygiene of mouth cavity,, correction of occlusion for children and adults, bridgework, Also we offer a variety of surgical services from removal of teeth to the most difficult surgical interferences. The «Center of family stomatology» has all the necessary licenses, and qualification of personnel is confirmed by numerous diplomas.

The modern equipment of leading world developers is used here (Castellini, Planmeca etc.). On all stages of the proccess , starting from the first consultation and till the finishing stage all patients are not only under supervision of the skilled personnel but also a clever machines. A video record is made by placing a camera into the patients mouth, while providing a treatment. The different types of diagnostics could be done in a clinic: from the local x-ray photography to the 3D-modelling of jaw&facial area.

All procedures are conducted quite painlessly due to the application of anesthesia of the last generation. Undersupervision of our unit of skilled anesthesiologists it is possible to receive a a treatment using intravenous or general anesthesia.

Phone: +380 442 910 197

12 A Bazhana Blvd.,
City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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