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Edipresse Ukraine LLC

Edipresse Ukraine LLC

Edipresse Ukraine LLC

Edipresse is an international media group. Headquartered in Lausanne Switzerland, Edipresse's main activities are newspaper and magazine publishing and digital media.

With over 180 magazines, dailies and websites published in Europe (Switzerland, France, Spain, Poland, Romania, Russia and Ukraine), and in Asia (China - Hong Kong and Macao - Singapore, the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia and Thailand), Edipresse is an international group with 2'800 employees with more than half of them are working outside of Switzerland.

The Group's development strategy centres on the following principles:
1- Concentrate resources, both human and financial, on activities and countries where the company can achieve significant market share.
2- Create quality content that informs and entertains. The content is developed for print and digital platforms as well as for other appropriate media.
3- Accept the inherent responsibilities of the media industry: remain independent and resist pressure from outside groups and to defend democratic ideas and the freedom of expression.
Edipresse entered the Ukrainian market in 2000 with the acquisition of Edinstvennaya, the leading women's monthly. Today Edipresse Ukraine publishes over 15 titles, ranging from health, parents/children, needlecraft and lifestyle/people titles.

Phone: +380 444 907 140

15th Dymytrova Street,
City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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