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Engineering and Production Enterprise VNIPITRANSGAZ

Engineering and Production Enterprise VNIPITRANSGAZ

Engineering and Production Enterprise VNIPITRANSGAZ

The priority task of The Open Joint Stock Company “Engineering & Production Enterprise “VNIPITRANSGAZ” is to fully meet all demands and requirements of a customer in terms of designing and engineering. We always try to find a mutually beneficial compromise between the requirements of energy and economic efficiency, technical safety and reliability of the facility under design and environmental protection of its surroundings.

Our projects are always done in time and we always know what our client is looking for.

The history of the Open Joint Stock Company “Engineering and Production Enterprise ”VNIPITRANSGAZ” began in 1944, when the State Committee of Defense of the Former Soviet Union took a decision to establish a Ukrainian division of Moscow’s institute “GIPROGAZTOPPROM” for the purpose of designing the main gas pipeline “DASHAVA-KIEV”, one of the biggest main gas pipelines in Ukraine at that time, and for the purpose of generation of a basic design to supply the city of Kiev with natural gas (the design work started in 1944 when combat actions of the world war two still continued within the former Soviet Union).

In 1951 this department became an independent organization and was reorganized into the institute of “UKRGIPROGAZ”.

In 1957 “UKRGIPROGAZ” became a leading institute in terms of designing gas pipelines and gas refineries under the Central Administrative Board (GLAVGAZ) of the gas industry attached to the Council of Ministers of the USSR.

In 1963 “UKRGIPROGAZ” was renamed into the State All-Union Design Institute under the name of “GIPROGAZ”.

After eight years “GIPROGAZ” was reformed into the All-Union Research and Design Institute on Transmission of Natural Gas “VNIPITRANSGAZ” in 1971.

“VNIPITRANSGAZ” was many times honored with governmental awards for outstanding achievements in the field of designing petroleum and gas facilities as well as for an important and valuable contribution to the technical development and progress of the petroleum and gas industry.

Even today the Order of the Red Banner of Labor presented to “GIPROGAZ” in 1971 is a specific surge of pride of the employees.

Quite a new stage of development of the history of “VNIPITRANSGAZ” began in 1994 when a general meeting of the employees of the institute made a decision to convert it into a joint stock company “Engineering & Production Firm “VNIPITRANSGAZ-VTG” under the State Oil and Gas Committee of Ukraine.

In 1995 a general meeting of the stockholders gave our company a present-day name- The OPEN JOINT STOCK COMPANY ”ENGINEERING & PRODUCTION ENTERPRISE” VNIPITRANSGAZ”.

Phone: +380 442 875 100

77th Artema Street,
City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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