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Favorit VIP Club

Favorit VIP Club

Favorit VIP Club

Club of personal fitness "Favorit V.I.P. Club" meets three major demands. The first demand is physical which includes things you do for your body; the second one is biochemical that comprises everything with what you nourish your body, and the last demand is psychological which controls your body and mind harmony. In other words, the "Favorit V.I.P. Club" embodies such principles as "being fit, eating well and thinking positively".

Welcome — I am telling you on behalf of the whole our warm-hearted team. "Favorit V.I.P. Club" was born, grew stronger and made progress having only one goal to reach that is to become the first, the best and beloved by anticipating desires and opening of the new possibilities. The main purport of our existence is being a team of professionals in the realm of health preserving, youth and beauty that satisfies the requirements of the most demanding Members of the Club.

Following Wellness philosophy, we are proud to have the title of healthy life stylists. We have our finger on the pulse; we put our means, efforts and emotions into our service improvement. We control the quality of our work on a regular basis.

We are open for communication. We appreciate each opinion; and each wish of our guests finds its fulfillment. Together we have been building our Club since 1993. I am sure that we will hold the same views for many years to come.

I wish you to have a good health, cheerful mood, optimistic relaxation, inspiration and unforgettable meetings in your favorite Club.

Phone: +380 442 783 338

6th Muzyiny Lane,
City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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