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Commercial and industrial group GalPET consists of enterprises united by common trend which is work with polyethylene terephthalate.
Primary activities:
- Production of automated lines for PET waste recycling;
- Production of lines for accumulator battery jars recycling;
- Production of shredders and presses for fuel briquettes production out of waste.

Besides, GalPET engages in:
- PET preforms production;
- Used equipment for PET preforms production trade;
- Waste recycling (shredding, granulation, etc.);
- Collecting and recycling PET waste into pure flakes and secondary granulate.

Our company has been working in the market since 1997. We were one of the first companies in Ukraine to start producing plastic bottles. After that, we started our own production of PET preforms. Subsequently, we got deeply engaged in PET waste recycling; this trend is a priority for us and develops rapidly. Equipment production is our primary concern at present. We have created and started production of a fundamentally new line based on recent achievements and developments in the field of secondary PET recycling; at the moment, the line has no analogues in the post-Soviet countries.

In this line, we use also unparalelled cleaning agents produced by European manufacturers that help, on the one hand, to entirely separate floatable and sinkable materials and, on the other hand, to fully remove adhesive and any other contaminations from material being cleaned. We have installed the most up-to-date European water purification system that works in closed cycle and is able to chemically bring polluted water to the level of potable water.

A PET granulation line has been installed and works presently at our factory. We plan to introduce an absolutely new technology, that of total purification of secondary PET and bringing its characteristics to the level of primary raw materials (using chemical processes identical to SSP technology). At present, we collect, recycle and export to the EU countries approximately 350 tons of secondary PET per month.

Another actual trend is production of presses for producing fuel briquettes out of waste wood, sunflower oilcake, etc. In perspective, we plan to increase the amount of secondary PET recycling (up to 600-700 tons per month) and, correspondingly, the amount of regranulate exported, to develop new trends of secondary PET use including possibilities for production of secondary Lavson fibre, strapping tape, roofing materials and other products.

Phone: +380 322 948 695

5th Hayduchka Street,
City Lviv,,
L'vivska oblast

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