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Group companies Interlex

Group companies Interlex

Group companies Interlex

Tempora mutantur et leges mutantur in illis - time changes together with the laws. Those, whose spirit is strong, win and benefit.

Group companies Interlex always tries to be ahead and bring maximum advantage to our clients.

Our work is based on professionalism and trust: we demonstrate devotion to our clients' interests and high qualification granting services on the basis of honest and open relations with clients.

In 1996 a group of professional lawyers with various special knowledge and great experience in legal practice created a law firm – a limited liability company Interlex.

Beginning with the first day of its existence LLC Interlex has been developing dynamically and today it can represent the interests of big-sized domestic and foreign companies.

There are 12 workers in the firm who are high-qualified lawyers and have great legal practice experience.

We continue developing our company putting resources into our experts. The lawyers of new generation make up the main part of the staff. They make modifications in legal practice of Ukraine demonstrating new traditions and experience.

A group companies Interlex is a cofounder of radiostation MusicRadio. The leading lawyers are Torgash Aleksandr Myhajlovitch, Dedush Sergej Vytaljevitch, Goncharenko Lesia Vasylyevna, Zarutskaja Elena Vladimirovna, Tchibenko Aleksej Vladimirovitch.

Later on the limited liability company Lexis was created which is an affiliated company of the LLC Interlex. A private law enterprise Anvalt was created.

All these three enterprises (LLC Interlex, Lexis and the private law enterprise Anvalt) make up group companies Interlex.

Phone: +380 444 867 376

18/24 Dmitrievskaya Str., 8 floor
City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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