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Institute of Cell Therapy

Institute of Cell Therapy

Institute of Cell Therapy

Cellular therapy is an efficient method of organism treatment and rejuvenation
Many world known persons have used this method, previously inaccessible for mere mortals, which received the name cellular therapy (also called cell therapy).

At different periods of time famous actors and politicians were the patients of cellular therapy. Definite religious and ethical conventionalities, cost of treatment and technical complexities of biopreparations production, as well as insufficient scientific informational support have created a lot of ignorant publications and ungrounded prejudices around this medical approach.

The aim of this article is to state briefly and popularly authors? experience in modern scientific concepts in medicine, biology, cryobiology, cytology and biotechnology, which are directly linked with cellular or regenerative therapy.

As a rule, all the patients notice, that after stem cell suspension injection activation of organism functional systems occurs. They feel burst of strength, increase of total vital tonus, reduction of weakness and slackness, previously lost gustatory sensations appear, appetite and night sleep improve, rapid strength restoration after short rest takes place, memory for current events improves, the same is true for attention concentration and sharpness of mind. Increase of sexual attraction in both genders and of sexual potency in men is a peculiar feature. Metabolism normalizes. Together with appetite increase in overweighed persons the weight loss and its harmonization according to age and health status happens. Normalization of emotional background is noticed, depressive mood becomes arrested. Volitional processes mobilize, pursuit for intellectual and creative activity strengthens. Chronic fatigue syndrome relieves. Immunity to cold diseases and stressful situation increases.

In long-term observations, the patients that underwent rejuvenation course, note that they significantly differed in their appearance from their coevals, who have grown older during these years.

Age stabilization and quality of life improvement is a common forecast of cellular therapy. Several injections really can retrieve 5-10 lost years.

Cellular therapy allowed to obtain qualitatively new clinical results in the different areas of medicine: gerontology, oncology, gynecology, hematology, immunology, endocrinology, cardiology, obstetrics, psychiatry, neurology, neurosurgery, etc.
Introduction of stem cells suspension into adult organism and cells engraftment among aging and pathologically altered cells of this organism create a unique situation, when the cells of adult organism are under permanent action of the most powerful factors of development, renewal and of factors, supplying every existing natural function.

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