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International Turkish Ukrainian Businessmen Association

International Turkish Ukrainian Businessmen Association

International Turkish Ukrainian Businessmen Association

The idea of founding International Turkish Ukrainian Businessmen Association (hereinafter called “TUID”) was born in March 2004. Thanks to diligence of few Turkish businessmen and moral support of our Embassy at the beginning of September in accordance with Ukrainian law system we were registered as a non profitable organization.

The 4th Board of TUID with Mr. Ercan Bekar at the helm, newly elected at the General Meeting of TUID, held on 7th March 2009, will continue concentrating upon progressing and increasing Association’s activities.

TUID accepts individual/corporate members. We pay special attention to the fact that our candidates provide active business activity in Ukraine. We ask copies of company registration document, passport-visa and tax ID code as complimentary documents. On the other hand, only one member from each individual company can be a member of TUID. Thus, the number of our members corresponds to the number of companies registered in TUID.

Companies registered in TUID, are engaged entirely in different fields of industry from construction, telecommunications, textile, banking to retail trade and purchasing raw materials.

Turkish construction companies play significant role in the International Contracting Market. Turkish construction companies working in Ukraine have established a very good reputation as responsible and competent partners, successfully completed projects of building hotels, dwelling houses, business and entertainment centres and in such a way reinforced the strength of Turkish contractors in dealing with almost all kinds of civil and industrial projects.

As to the Ukrainian sphere of telecommunication, especially to the field of GSM operators, an important contribution is made by Turkish investors, among which are a lot of our members.

Turkish textile and leather industry have achieved leadership positions not only in European market but in the International one as well. Quite a lot of Turkish textile firms working in Ukraine are dealing with retail trade and import.

Tourism industry is one more important sphere of collaboration between our countries. Turkish tourism companies successfully provide their business activity in Ukraine. Also due to the merits of our members-Turkish tourism agencies, working in Ukraine, the number of Ukrainian tourists, visiting Turkey, is rapidly increasing year to year.

Phone: +380 442 343 026

112th-A Saksaganskogo Str., office 4,
City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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