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JSC Dniepropetrovsk steel works Comintern

JSC Dniepropetrovsk steel works Comintern

JSC Dniepropetrovsk steel works Comintern

JSC “Dniepropetrovsk steel works Comintern” was established on May 1994 on the basis of a plant built in 1899 as an enterprise of the Belgian Joint-Stock Company of Russian Pipe Rolling Plants by Cheaudoir Brothers for production of roofing, waved rolling, dish and spade steel.

In 1903 the works produced 480 thousand poods of roofing and 50 thousand poods of galvanized sheet metal. During 1902 and 1914 the works rough development took place: 1904 – a sheet mill ¹ 4 was built, 1908 – a sheet mill ¹ 5 was put into operation, 1909 – building of the spade workshop took place, 1914 – tinning production was established.

After the change of constitutional system of the country, in 1922 the works was renamed into Comintern Steel Works. The incorporation of a plant “Sirius” and metallurgical plant Lange to Comintern determined contemporary territorial borders and the works put into operation open-heart and sort rolling.

The enterprise is situated on the left bank of the river Dnieper, plant’s territory makes 90 hectare, it is compactly located within the Dniepropetrovsk city borders, it adjoins the city trade station “Nyzhnednieprovsk – Prystan” and the river port that participates in combined river and sea water transportations, favourable communication of central roads provides convenient getting to the works.
Before the beginning of the year 1941 the works had produced more than 30 types of products including open-heart furnace steel, rolled metal, small sort rolled metal, white tin, combine and lead-sealed sheets, various metallic goods and goods of public consumption.

In the 10 of August, 1941 the evacuation of the works equipment and specialists to Ural began, in the 18 of August the last melting of the open-heart workshop took place. Restoring works began in November 1943 and by February the plant had been built up to the pre-war volumes, with the exception of open-heart production which had not been restored.

Total reconstruction and modernization of the production process allowed creation of contemporary production, and at the same time the principal equipment was put into operation during last 12 years: tubular mill ¹ 1 TECC ¹ 1 in 1992, tubular mill ¹ 2 TECC ¹ 1 in 1996, tubular mill ¹ 4 TECC ¹ 2 in 2003, automated line of hot-dip galvanization in 2004, tubular mill ¹ 5 (219mm, 8 5/8', producer SMS Meer) – in 2007.

Modern technical equipment, accumulated abundant experience and high level of qualification of our specialists allow us to possess one of the leading places in CIS in their type. Close connections of the works with permanent customers, leading SRI, our own creativity keep our products at a contemporary level that provides consumers’ orders and financial stability of the works.

Phone: +380 567 210 151

7th Komintern Street,
City Dnipropetrovsk,,
Dnipropetrovska oblast

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