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Naftokhimik Prykarpattya

Naftokhimik Prykarpattya

Naftokhimik Prykarpattya

Nadvirnyansky refinery, now JSC "Naftokhimik Prykarpattya", one of the oldest businesses refining industry not only Ukraine but also in Europe.

Assortment of products:
Ethyl-free automobile gasoline: A-80, A-92, A-95. Reliable antidetonational properties, absence of water soluble acids and alkalis and mechanical admixtures and water. Chemical stability, sulphur and fractional composition content correspond to presently fixed standards.

Diesel fuel: L-0,20-40, L-0,50-40, Z-0,20(-25), Z-0,50-(-25).
Cetane number, fractional composition and flash point correspond to present standards.

Vacuum gas-oil - raw material for catalytic cracking.

Common heater fuel. High combustion temperature (caloricity), absence of heavy fractions and mechanical admixtures, low ash content.

Black oil: M-40, M-100.
High combustion temperature according to its content of sulphur - low sulphuric and sulphuric, low viscous black oil. Low content of mechanical admixtures and ash.

Illuminating gas G0-20.
By all indexes correspods to all determined demands.

Oil cokes: KS-8, KS-5, KS-0, KS - total.
High quality products, with low content of flying substances, ash, sulphur.

Hydrocarbon gas, dropped for common-daily consumption SPBT.
The quality corresponds to presently fixed standards.

Phone: +380 347 571 441

5th Maydanska Street,
City Nadvirna,,
Ivano-Frankivs'ka oblast

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