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includes two structural units:
Primary school Athens
Children aged 6 9 study in the 1st 4th forms.
Curriculum components:
Ukrainian, Russian, English, French;
maths, logics, chess;
World around us, arts, handicraft, music, dancing, elements of theatrics;
physical education, gun-fu.

Secondary school Athens
Children aged 9 14 study in the 5th 11th forms.
Curriculum components:
Ukrainian, Russian, English, French, Ukrainian and World Literature;
Maths (Algebra and Geometry from the 7th form), Computer Science, History, Geography, Biology, Physics, Chemistry;
Arts, Handicraft, Music;
Physical Education, Gun-fu;
Dancing, Elements of Theatrics, Basics of Web-design and Creative Writing.
School's specialization is new information technics

Both schools are five-day schools of full-day (from 8.30 until 18.00). There no more than 12 children in each form. Each week pupils work with school psychologists (in groups or individually).

There is constant medical examination by school's pediatrician as well as disease-prevention massage and phytotherapy course (when it is necessary).

Children can go to the swimming pool and to the mountain-climbing club (if they and their parents want them to go). They can also study at the musical studio.

Six express mini-buses get pupils to School in the morning and get them home in the evening.

Phones: +380 442 496 643,

39th Tolstogo Street,
City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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