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Security agency Galaxy

Security agency Galaxy

Security agency Galaxy

Lviv's security agency "Galaxy" began it's activity in 1991 and is the authorized representative of the international system of transport security “EUROTRAFFIC» In Ukraine, the central office of which is located in Germain.

Basic directions of our activity:
- providing service based on monitoring system EUROTRAFFIC for a motor transport based on satellite technologies;
- determining the location of objects and geographic information system(GIS);
- support and exploitation of the traffic control systems and monitoring of a corporative sector, providing security transportations and private individuals on Euro-Asian continent territory;
- support and exploitation of the complex guard systems, monitoring systems and automated management of the motor transport

All EUROTRAFF²C's products are certificated according to the European norms of EN ISO 9001, ratified by Committee according to Certification of European Union, including European Insurance Union, that confirms possibility level of this security system.

Software of EUROTRAFFIC system - FleetInfo, board equipment MapCom and additional accessories are certificated in all of the Ukrainian certification centers and standardizations.

Our company has all of necessary licenses to realize these types of activity.

Primary aim of our company:
- use and grant of cutting edge technologies, products and servicing based on GPS technologies.

Main principles of our work:
- close cooperation with our partners, authorized dealers, and granting the complex servicing to clients on a world's highest level on a teretory of almost all Euro-Asian continent.
- providing the highest level of professionalism with respect to our partners and clients, we are one team, corporation where executiveness, decency and openness appreciated.
- round-the-clock work of our sestem, personnel, support services and defence in "Point of action" mode, there are not limits for us, thereby we provide optimum managerial decisions and services promptly.
- by compliance with the world standards, managerial decisions, permanent improvement for providing and implementation of corporate tasks.

We invite to win-win relationship, the potential clients, enterprises and companies involved in the realm of passenger, freight transportations the services sector in the internal market of Ukraine, and ing expeditionary services abroad, the owners of private transport means, and also other local telematicers working in GPS sector - technologies, private guard companies that are interested in joint promotion of equipment and services supplied by us for their clients.

Phone: +380 322 333 163

85th Gorodotska Street,
City Lviv,,
L'vivska oblast

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