The Ukrainian Centre of Political Management

The Ukrainian Centre of Political Management

The Ukrainian Centre of Political Management

The Ukrainian Centre of Political Management was established in 1998

The target of the Centre's activities is the development and realisation of research and applied projects and complex programmes in the field of political management.

The main charter tasks of the Ukrainian Centre of Political Management are to increase the level of political culture, to facilitate practical realisation of national, regional and local programmes aimed at the improvement of the social and economic situation; to render assistance in developing the information infrastructure.

To promote the development of political management in Ukraine the Centre has set up periodicals  the journals Political Management (Politychnyi Menedzhment) (a special edition on political and sociological sciences) and Social Psychology (Sotsialna psykholohiia (a specialised edition on psychological and sociological sciences).

The Centre is also a co-founder of the journal "The Individual and Politics" (a specialised edition on political and philosophical sciences).

Phone: +380 444 579 215

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