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Ukrainian Professional Bank

Ukrainian Professional Bank

Ukrainian Professional Bank

The Open Joint-Stock Company "Ukrainian Professional Bank" was registered in January 1992 and is one of the first commercial banks of the independent Ukraine.

Our guiding principles and values across all Bank's activities are professionalism, high-quality service, transparency and honesty, resposibility and guarantee of reliability, renovation and development of up-to-date technologies, abiding the law and clean reputation.

Our Mission is to provide enterprises of all forms of ownership as well as the population with professional and comfortable banking service by way of rendering high-quality services with the purpose to assist in establishing and developing clients' businesses.

Among approximately 180 banks registered in our state, the Ukrainian Professional Bank is one of a few ones that possess the "full" license of the NBU.

During 2008 the operation indicators of the Ukrainian Professional Bank kept growing. Beside that, within the last seven years the Ukrainian Professional Bank is passing through International Audit by " Deloitte & Touche".

As of September, 01, 2008 the financial result of Open Joint – Stock Company “UPB” work made 27'814 UAH, that is 3,97 times higher than for the same period of 2007. General assets are 1'900 million UAH (during the last year grew up 1,88 times).

The balance capital of Open Joint - Stock Company "UPB" is 427'416 UAH, all the requirements in relation to obligatory reserves formations, special reserves according to the active operations and implementation of obligatory norms, required by the National Bank of Ukraine are fulfilled completely.

The Ukrainian Professional Bank is a settlement bank of the "UkrCard" International Payment System. The UPB enjoys the membership in such interbank unions, associations, funds, stock and foreign exchange, and payment systems as:
- Ukrainian Banks Association (UBA) (since) 1992;
- Ukrainian Credit and Banking Union (since 1994);
- Constant membership in Individual Deposits Guarantee Fund (since 2000);
- Member of Kyiv International Stock Exchange (since 2001);
- Registrars and Custodians Professional Association;
- Associated Member of "VISA International" Payment System;
- Bank Analysts Club, Moscow;
- Payment System "The Ukrainian National Settlement Card" (UkrCard, since 2000).

Our specialists put maximum effort to maintain Bank's stability that is the guarantee for safekeeping the savings of the Bank's clients.

Phone: +380 444 618 282

15th Mariny Raskovoi,
City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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