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Wooden Churches of Ukraine

Wooden Churches of Ukraine

Wooden Churches of Ukraine

Welcome to the Wooden Churches of Ukraine website - the first web resource dedicated to Ukrainian wooden architecture.

Ukrainian wooden churches are beautiful and authentic monuments which probably express national architecture features to the utmost; they don't deserve the neglect that can be seen nowadays. Kozak churches of Left Bank Ukraine, houses of worship in Podillya, wooden gothic masterpieces in Zakarpattya that have no analogues in the world - all these are known only to a limited circle of professionals and amateurs remaining out of sight of home tourism and society in general.

Fire, water, deliberate demolishing because of inter-denominational controversies, barbaric facing with tin - how many monuments have been lost and how many more will be lost due to human negligence? The first step on the way to the rescue of wooden churches is breaking the information vacuum. In fact, that is what we are doing while gathering, structuring and disseminating information on wooden architecture monuments and problems of their conservation


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