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Ukraine-Germany enterprise with foreign investment company "YUGAMET" (specialized steel company (license AB 270681 of 10.11.2005, issued by the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine) was founded in 1996.

YUGAMET LLC is able to produce aluminum ingot and aluminum casting alloys of high quality brands AK5M2, AK7, AK7p, AK9, AK9M2, ÀÊ12Ì2, AK12, AK12M2MgN GOST 1583-93, reducing agent for steel AV87, AV91, as well as U.S. standards, Europe and Asia: ASTM, DIN, JIS, BS, GB, ISO, NF DM 356, A356, A380 (SC84A), 383 (SC102A), G (GK)-AlSi7Mg, GD-AlSi9Cu3 (EN AB-46000), AC4C , AC4CH, ADC10, ADC12, LM-25, LM24, ZL101, Al-Si7Mg (Fe), AlSi7Mg, AlSi8Cu3Fe, AS7G, AS93, and other brands under the order, in reverberatory furnaces of 300 tons per month, with planned capacity of 320 tons aluminum alloys in the month.

In the production of aluminum alloys YUGAMET LLC according to the technological standards are refining, degassing, filtering, modifying, improving such technological and mechanical properties of aluminum, as fluidity, linear shrinkage, elongation, hardness, etc. and reduces the gas porosity.

Control of chemical composition of aluminum alloys is carried out in our own laboratory spectral analysis of metals, accredited by the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine (Certificate of appraisal lab, registration number ¹ 06544-2-4-17 MMR). The quality management system of aluminum alloys YUGAMET LLC certified in accordance with standard ISO 9001:2009.

In the production of aluminum alloys YUGAMET LLC uses only high quality sorted waste and scrap aluminum, which allows you to melt the alloys of European quality.

Phone: +380 642 357 283

36/10, Volkova quarter,
City Lugansk,,
Luganska oblast

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