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  • Web design and marketing
    Our team builds the websites that are fully comply with Ukrainian mentality, there for you have a chance to win the local
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  • Autec Imports
    Private enterprise "AUTEK Import" is the official representative of company "Autec-Group" in Ukraine, established in Germany in early
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  • Kharkov State Aircraft Manufacturing
    At present Kharkov State Aircraft Manufacturing Company is one of the leading companies in the field of aviation industry of Ukraine.
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    The company "Edican" is fairly new on Ukrainian market among producers of MDF facades for cabinet furniture and armored doors, however with solid reputation
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    is one of the first private higher institutions in Ukraine established in 1991. It is also one of the largest universities in Ukraine with over 32 000 students. It meets the needs
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Transportation products and services in Ukraine

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  • 42nd Kanatnaya Str., office 330
    City Odessa,,
    Odess'ka oblast
    Alphatrans Ltd is an international freightforwarding company established in 2001 in Odessa, Ukraine with the aim to providecomplete set of transportation services by sea, land and air.
  • 10th Berezneva Street,
    City Kiev,,
    Kievska oblast
    “Ukrros-trans” is one of the largest transport and dispatcher companies, which own 927 railway cars of various kinds, 59 freight trains and a manoeuvring locomotive.
  • 85th Gorodotska Street,
    City Lviv,,
    L'vivska oblast
    Lviv's security agency "Galaxy" began it's activity in 1991 and is the authorized representative of the international system of transport security “EUROTRAFFIC» In Ukraine, the central office of which is located in Germain.
  • 16th Pasteur Street, Office 115,
    City Odessa,,
    Odess'ka oblast
    Providing manning service for the Ukrainian and foreign employer and can arrange the employment of any kind of qualified and professional seafarers providing them with all certificates requested by the STCW-95 and National regulations.

  • Kievska oblast
    The Unona agency sends flowers to Ukraine from Kiev florists and Odessa florists, pick gift baskets, world-known perfumes, plush toys, wine, delicious cakes and chocolates to your loved ones anywhere Ukraine.
  • 28th Yurkovskaya Street, Office 46,
    City Kiev,,
    Kievska oblast
    PowerPact HR Consulting established its presence in Ukraine in 1995 under the trade mark ExecuSearch International. The Company's rich experience, unique internal culture, and substantial knowledge of the local market acquired over the years of
  • 54th Tupoleva Street,
    City Kiev,,
    Kievska oblast
    The purpose of creation of the leasing company "Setcom Ltd" are bringing in investments in Ukraine, assistance in technical re-equipment of enterprises, modernization of their capital assets and their investment projects realization also.
  • 64th Lenina Street,
    City Kiev,,
    Kievska oblast
    The EDAPS Consortium was created by the high-tech market leaders of Ukraine, and is the only group in the world with a full range of enterprises which manufacture and implement the most highly protected identification documents and information system
  • 24th Mazur Street,
    City Smila,,
    Cherkaska oblast
    ORIZON-NAVIGATION is the leading company in Ukraine in the field of GNSS technologies R&D and production.
  • 66/125 Gagarina Avenue,
    City Dnipropetrovsk,,
    Dnipropetrovska oblast
    Consulting company Global Project is one of the leading companies which provide professional consulting services for mid-sized and large enterprises in Ukraine. Our experts took part in the creation and promotion of many well-known brands on the Ukra
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