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Inex Ukr Parket

Inex Ukr Parket

Inex Ukr Parket

Company “Inex Ukr Parket” is the leading producer of parquet and parquet production. Established in 1994, the company confidently penetrated the market of woodworking industry and is still an indisputable leader in this sphere.

“Inex Ukr Parket” became the first company that organized a large-scale production of composite art geometric and palace parquet not only in Ukraine but also in CIS and Eastern Europe.

Production base is equipped with unique digital-program control equipment having no analogues in Ukraine. The company has a number of patents in the sphere of parquet products manufacturing and has some state certificates and awards for high quality.

When laying parquet of any kind it is necessary to remember that parquet is just the upper layer in floor construction, which is a rather difficult engineering construction. In particular, the quality of parquet primarily depends on the durability of parquet flooring. Naturally, with certain skills, you can lay the parquet yourself but to create real lasting and attractive parquet flooring can only be done by professionals.

Parquet assembling always begins with the base preparation. This phase of assembly is very important, because aesthetics and operation reliability primarily depends on the quality of base preparation.

The base has to be even, solid, waterproof, durable, and able to withstand applicable workload.

The first phase of construction assembly is filling of cement screed. Concrete screed can serve as the base of parquet flooring. But, because the screed is practically never even, the device of parquet floors based on screed is not the best option. If also needs to be considered that humidity of screed should not exceed 3%. At present time, there are all kinds of leveling blends. Flatness of finished screed is checked with the help 2-meter rod, which is applied to the screed in optional direction. For this purpose, the gap should not be more 2 mm by 2 meter of length between the rod and the surface of the screed.

The best base for parquet is waterproof plywood. This base is more expensive but has an advantage, which is a 100% compatibility of material base and parquet, unlike the option of parquet laying on the concrete screed. Plywood is laid by fragments-squares, between which expansion seam is left. Waterproofing is performed before the plywood is being laid. Attachment of plywood to the screed is done with the aid of treenail and glue. Plywood is humidity sensitive, therefore, when plywood is laid it is very important to follow temperature-humidity regime. When laying plywood on rails, it is necessary, for the seams to be on rails. Parquet laying with plywood materially increases the floor tension. Walking on this kind of parquet is more convenient than on parquet laid directly on screed.

Phone: +380 444 927 945

4th Nikolay Grinchenco Street,
City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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