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OJSC SEMICONDUCTOR PLANT ñwas formed in January 2002 by split of the production of semiconductor-grade silicon from “Zaporozhskij titano-magnievyj kombinat (ZTMK) kasennoe predpriyatie”

Milestones in the development of the Polysilicon production in Zaporozhye:
- 1959 – start up of the pilot Polysilicon production;
- 1964 - start up of the full-scale Polysilicon production with the outsourced Tetrachlorosilane (Silicon tetrachloride);
- 1967 – start up of the pilot Trichlorosilane production , provision of the Polysilicon production with the home-made raw material.

In the middle 90es because of the USSR disintegration, the demand in semiconductor-grade silicon plunged in the CIS –countries , particularly in Ukraine, so that 1998 the production of Polysilicon at “Zaporozhskij titano-magnievyj kombinat (ZTMK) kasennoe predpriyatie” was brought to a full stop.

The rebirth of the enterprise has started since July 2007.

The first batch is expected to produce:
- TCS –quarter I, 2010
- Polysilicon - quarter II, 2010
- Monosilicon (with home-made raw materials) –quarter II, 2010.

Phone: + 380 612 148 503

16th Teplichna Street,
City Zaporizhzhia,,
Zaporizhska oblast

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