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  • Web design and marketing
    Our team builds the websites that are fully comply with Ukrainian mentality, there for you have a chance to win the local
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  • Autec Imports
    Private enterprise "AUTEK Import" is the official representative of company "Autec-Group" in Ukraine, established in Germany in early
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  • Kharkov State Aircraft Manufacturing
    At present Kharkov State Aircraft Manufacturing Company is one of the leading companies in the field of aviation industry of Ukraine.
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  • Company Edican
    The company "Edican" is fairly new on Ukrainian market among producers of MDF facades for cabinet furniture and armored doors, however with solid reputation
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    is one of the first private higher institutions in Ukraine established in 1991. It is also one of the largest universities in Ukraine with over 32 000 students. It meets the needs
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Agricultural products and services in Ukraine

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In this directory, you will find information about Ukrainian companies that provide Agricultural products and services

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  • 35th Urytskogo Street,
    City Kiev,,
    Kievska oblast
    The National Environmental Investment Agency of Ukraine is the central executive body guided and coordinated by the Minister of Environmental Protection of Ukraine under the governance of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.
  • 11th Molodogvardijska Street,
    City Kiev,,
    Kievska oblast
    The International association of thermoenergetic companies (IATEC) is a non-profit-making, non-governmental organisation. The headquarters of IATEC is in Kiev, Ukraine. Ukrainian, Russian, Slovak and Swedish enterprises and organisations.....
  • 4/10, Provulok Tbiliskiy, office 506,
    City Kiev,,
    Kievska oblast
    The Association "Ukrainian Agribusiness Club" is a community local public organization established on basis of unification of interests for mutual realization of civil rights and liberties.

  • Balta district, Belino,,
    Odess'ka oblast
    Balta Dairy Canning Plant of Baby Food (BDP) was constructed with help of Abbot Laboratories (USA) and set in operation in 1980.
  • 53rd-A Pushkinskaya Street,
    City Kharkiv,,
    Kharkivska oblast
    The company was established in the year of 1990. Wholesale and retail sales of hygiene products became the major department of "SOLARIS" in 1995. It pioneered Ukrainian market and keeps leading in the area.
  • 21st - A Moskovskiy Prospect
    City Kiev,,
    Kievska oblast
    The Best Water Technology Group was formed in 1990 from a management buy-out and is today Europe’s leading water technology company. The goal of our 2,200 employees in 65 subsidiaries and associates is to provide private, industrial and....
  • Stavky town,
    62nd Lenina Street,,
    Mykolaivska oblast
    Ostrich farm SAVANNA - main areas of the activity are ostrich breeding, tourism, manufactring and sale of various clothing and accessories made of ostrich leather, hand-made decorated ostrich eggs (painting, decoupage, carving).
  • 20th-A Politboytsov Street,
    City Donetsk,,
    Donetska oblast
    Termo Engineering - group of companies realizing the complex of works and services in the heating sphere, hot- water- supplying, gasification beginning with the project and finishing with the starting-up, is one of the main companies in the region.
  • 19th Maryny Raskovoy Str., suites 914, 904,
    City Kiev,,
    Kievska oblast
    Company “MPI Food Ingredients” was founded in 2007 as an importer and distributor of high quality ingredients for the Ukrainian food industry.

  • Headquarters: Illychevsk-5,,
    Odess'ka oblast
    POLLY GROUP UKRAINE is a group of companies engaged in production, purchasing, storage and distribution of fresh fruits & vegetables, with over 15 year experience in importing bananas, citrus, etc.
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