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Mykolaivska oblast

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  • 17th Gagarina Street,
    City Pervomaisk,,
    Mykolaivska oblast
    "Pervomaiskdieselmash" JSC - the basic manufacturer in Ukraine middle speed ship diesel engines and diesel engine - generators, stationary diesel engine - electric, gas diesel engine - electric units, gas engine.......
  • 38th Admiralskaya Street,
    City Mykolaiv,,
    Mykolaivska oblast
    State enterprise " The shipyard named after 61 Communards" is situated in the city of Nikolaev on the banks of Ingul river, 55 miles from the Black sea.
  • 1st Avtomobilnaya Street,
    City Mykolaiv,,
    Mykolaivska oblast
    On the God’s favour, collective of "Vladam" company more than ten years care about people health and well-being. We grow up and deliver the best vegetables and seeds. We produce ecologically clean vegetable preserve and juice....
  • 9th - B, Fàleyevska Street,
    City Mykolaiv,,
    Mykolaivska oblast
    NIBULON Ltd is one of the biggest national agricultural commodity producers with 33 branches located in Mykolayiv, Lugans`k, Vinnytsya, Khmel`nyts`kyy, Poltava, Cherkasy, Sumy, Zhytomyr and Chernigiv regions.
  • 31st Pushkinskaiya Street,
    City Mykolaiv,,
    Mykolaivska oblast
    «Volga-Ukraina» produces open-top hook-lift containers with the volume from 1 till 43 cub.m for storing and transportation of industrial wastes.
  • 26À Metallurgov Street,
    City Mykolaiv,,
    Mykolaivska oblast
    CSC Nikolaevkhimsnab - we offer wide range of chemical products of industrial purpose: inorganic and organic acids, technical glues, activated carbons, cationides, chlorides, antifreeze admixtures, refrigerating fluids.....
  • Stavky town,
    62nd Lenina Street,,
    Mykolaivska oblast
    Ostrich farm SAVANNA - main areas of the activity are ostrich breeding, tourism, manufactring and sale of various clothing and accessories made of ostrich leather, hand-made decorated ostrich eggs (painting, decoupage, carving).
  • 17th Novozavodskaya Street,
    City Mykolaiv,,
    Mykolaivska oblast
    Sandora Ltd is domestic juice market leader already more then 14 years. According to the independent researches Sandora’s share is more then 47 % of total retail sales of juices, nectars and drinks in Ukraine.
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